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Guidelines for publication

All letters to the editor must meet our guidelines to be considered for publication: 350 words maximum; no profane language or libelous statements.

Letters must be signed by the author.

Mailing addresses and telephone numbers should be provided; usually they are used by the editor for verification and are not published.

Letters whose authenticity cannot be verified will not be published. Copies of letters to third parties will not be published, nor will form letters.

Telephone numbers will not be included in letters.

Mail or deliver signed letters to: Ketchikan Daily News, P.O. Box 7900, Ketchikan AK 99901, or fax them to (907) 225-1096.

Submissions may be e-mailed to news@ketchikandailynews.com - in fact, e-mailing the letter will speed the process to publication because the letter does not need to be typed into our system - but a signed hard copy also is required.

The newspaper reserves the right to edit all submissions. Letters and other unsolicited submissions become the property of the Ketchikan Daily News and will not be returned to the writer.

Point of View columns follow the same guidelines, except the word limit is 675 words. These columns, too, must be signed by the author and include a contact number as well. In addition, they should include background explaining the writer's expertise in the subject matter addressed.

The newspaper attempts to publish all Alaska letters to the editor that fit our guidelines, but is selective in its choice of Point of View columns, often called op-eds. If the publisher believes the topic can be handled in a letter to the editor, the column might be returned to the author for a rewrite.

Letters pertaining to an election will not be considered for publication if they concern an issue or candidate when there is no opportunity for the candidate or other point of view to respond in the newspaper before the election. Generally, the letter deadline for a Tuesday election is 5 p.m. the Thursday before the election.