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Luella May Couture, 75, died Dec. 8, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born on May 30, 1944, in Monroe, Washington.
Thank you

We're grateful.

Plain and simple, we truly appreciate what we have this Thanksgiving Day week — and always.

The most important blessing here at the Daily News, among a list of most important blessings, is our loyal subscribers and other readers of the newspaper.

Of equal importance Is the Daily News' advertisers, news sources and the customers who ask us to do their printing in our print shop.

Far from least on the list is the paper's staff.

The Ketchikan Daily News employs about 20 Ketchikan residents, some newcomers and others who have made this place a home away from home of sorts for well over a couple decades.

Our mission is to provide a newspaper for at least one clearly appreciative community, ensuring a free press on a remote island in a democratic republic.

We take the trust that the public has in us seriously, striving daily to offer good local journalism, which is defined by accuracy and fairness in telling the community's story.

Not only with the news, but with editorial columns and advertising, we publish with the intent to serve the best interest of our readers. Ultimately, it's about public service.

We appreciate the trust the public has placed in us, both here at the Daily News and through our publication of the Prince of Wales Island Post.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving Day, we think of the 278 Daily News editions and 24 Posts we've published this year to date. We reflect on the highs and lows as we've felt satisfaction in the product and overcome challenges in producing it — not unlike other businesses and organizations in town.

We look forward to producing the next 31 Daily editions before the end of the year. Plus, two Posts.

And we thank you for continuing to read, to advertise, to send us your printing, and to be our news sources. It takes the whole community to produce a newspaper.

Thank you for doing your part.