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Luella May Couture, 75, died Dec. 8, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born on May 30, 1944, in Monroe, Washington.
AMHS report ignores ticket cost issues

EDITOR, Daily News:

Recent coverage of the woes affecting the AMHS have focused on an “aging fleet, and fewer riders”, which, although on the surface true, appears a whitewash to cover administration culpability.

DOT Commissioner John MacKinnon is quoted with a statement that more people are flying now because airlines are more competitive due to enhanced GPS and other technological advances. This malarkey continues to ignore several far more huge factors, which go completely ignored. The increases in ferry ticket cost has been a major one of those factors, (coupled with customers getting less service for their increased fare).

Furthermore, even those who can well afford the higher prices don’t want to ride our ferries because the hospitality service onboard has been gutted. It’s pretty basic. People with money want to enjoy it. And especially during the stress of traveling long distances, or on vacation, such hospitality is desired. Couple this with dicey service, if it at all exists, and we have a perfect downward spiral of desirability.

So the commissioner’s argument that the increased competition that ferries are experiencing with airlines has anything to do with enhanced airline GPS technology would seem more comical, if it didn’t seem moreover deviously diverting. Airlines are pretty much the only game in town, weather permitting, and unfortunately God isn’t prone to answering our prayers on demand, if we’re not up to fixing things ourselves.

Let’s just hope this catastrophe isn’t part of a diabolical plan designed to fail, so these necessary and worthy assets of the state can be privatized and sold off to friends of the folks running the show.