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As the days become shorter, the danger increases.

It’s about visibility.

Not only is Ketchikan and the surrounding area experiencing more darkness, but this time of year is known for the rain, wind and fog. Sometimes the rain falls straight, while other times it blows sideways.

As the dark and the inclement weather descend, they make it increasingly difficult to see — whether walking or driving. Black or dark outer clothing and hoods protecting from the elements only exacerbate the situation.

Then, depending on the part of town in which one is going, the mix of dark-clad pedestrians and motor vehicles — perhaps with windshield wipers working vigorously — enhances the chances of a mishap.

Also this time of year the deer are darting onto the highway with some frequency, creating the potential for any number of traffic accidents.

One stretch of highway over which to pay particular attention is between the Alaskan and Proud grocery store and traffic light at the entrance (or exit) from Walmart. Another is in the downtown, either in the crosswalks or outside of them when, with nonseasonal traffic, the temptation to take a short cut occurs more than occasionally.

With all of this considered, pedestrians shouldn’t assume that drivers can or will see them. Meanwhile, drivers should be more watchful than usual, looking for the pedestrian who is difficult to see.

Due care and caution will keep it safest possible out there.