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Due care

The forecast for Thursday is fun.

And it can be that way, if due care and caution is taken.

Ketchikan young people will be out on the town trick-or-treating on Halloween evening.

They will be walking — and running — up and down Jackson and Monroe streets, which fortunately for a few hours is blocked off to motor vehicle traffic.

They also will be at a couple trunk-or-treat events in the West End and at Point Higgins Elementary School. And it’s imaginable that other Halloween-related festivities will be underway.

With all of the potential fun, a word of caution is in order. Drivers, as well as the young people and their guardians, should be extra diligent when it comes to being careful.

Nothing ruins a good time like an accident. Accidents happen when it’s dark and visibility is impeded.

The weather forecast, as of this writing, is for a cloudy, but rainless evening. As Ketchikan knows, that can change in a matter of minutes. And, as Ketchikan also knows, sometimes the forecast isn’t spot on.

But whatever circumstances the day presents for those who revel in Halloween, it’s best to be of a mindset to take it slow and easy. Going fast doesn’t significantly increase the number of treats; it only makes the trick-or-treating come to an end sooner. Driving rapidly can actually lead to delays, particularly if it is necessary to take time out to talk with law enforcement. It is hoped the conversation wouldn’t be about a pedestrian-vehicle accident.

Halloween is a pretty big deal in Ketchikan. For some, it’s the beginning of the holiday season. It can be packed with fun.

But it takes effort to make it that way. Let’s do it.