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No boards, paper

Ketchikan City Council should strongly suggest to seasonal businesses that leaving a window display for the off-season months would go a long way in endearing their enterprises to the locals.

It’s the time of year when seasonal merchants start closing up shop after the final cruise ships call until next spring when the luxury boats return.

As part of the closing, they board up or paper the windows and doors of their businesses.

This leaves an uncomely look for the community — especially during its holiday season.

Plus, it makes the downtown look like it’s closed for business, and that isn’t the message the community wants to send any season of the year.

The boards and paper go up quickly. By taking a little more time, the merchants could carefully conceal their merchandise and still leave something in the windows. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should be attractive.

If they don’t want to do it themselves, then they might enlist the assistance of Ketchikan artists to fill the void during the October to May months.

The council shouldn’t have to create an ordinance speaking to this. Informing the seasonal merchants of the city’s preference should be sufficient.

But, if that doesn’t produce the intended effect, then a law requiring that they forgo boards and paper for window displays is the way to proceed.

This is about maintaining the downtown for the community all year long.