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Anything is forgivable.

This week a jury found a Texas police officer guilty of murder. The officer has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Amber Guyger had shot accountant Botham Jean in his apartment. She lived in the apartment above his, told officers she mistook his floor for hers when returning from an overtime shift and thought the man had entered her apartment illegally to perpetrate bad deeds. She shot in a haze of misunderstanding.

It was left to a jury to clear it up.

Following the sentencing, the man’s brother, who had been in court with the grieving mother and other family members, hugged the police officer in the middle of the courtroom.

He told her that he forgave her, knowing that that’s what his brother would want him to do.

He also acknowledged that he knew she was aware of the great extent of his loss.

Behind the embrace, the case’s judge is seen wiping her eyes.

Undoubtedly, the case gave rise to a wealth of emotions. The young man and others likely have been and likely will continue to deal with feelings that appear when least expected, maybe when he hears a song his brother especially liked or sits in a church pew where his brother used to join him. Maybe it will be a car that drives by or a phrase someone says. He won’t forget his brother and he likely will feel the loss every day of his own life.

His example of forgiveness probably is not as rare as it seems, but it is stellar in its goodwill.

It’s a tribute to his brother not soon to be forgotten.