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Fall is here

We slipped into fall and it didn’t hit us until two days hence.

The autumnal equinox took place Monday, meaning Sept. 23 had equal hours of day and night.

This explains a number of things.

First, the start of a new school year, along with a new football season, and any number of youth-focused activities — from in-school to after-school and totally non-school related.

It also explains the campaign signs in yards and along roadways. The annual municipal election occurs in the middle of the season. This year it will be Oct. 1.

It justifies the number of boats being hauled out of the water, the gardeners prepping beds, homeowners mowing grass as if they’ve run out of time, and Sunday drivers slowing down near displays of colorful plant life.

It accounts for the leaves starting to change colors as light recedes. Vibrant golds, oranges and reds can be seen throughout a community typically surrounded by a sea of greenery.

The fall equinox’ arrival makes clear why pumpkins started showing up in the supermarkets, and displays of Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise is beginning to appear on the shelves.

Halloween — the first of the fall holidays and typically with a fall harvest festival aspect — enthuses the fans of fall.

The next fall holiday will be Veterans Day, often observed in the midst of the first signs of frost. Thanksgiving soon follows to signal the quickly approaching end of the season.

Not to be overlooked is the switch from daylight saving time, which will be Nov. 3. Clocks will be set back and give an extra hour to the first Sunday in November.

With all of that, clearly fall is here. The equinox occurred. All that’s left is to take it in.