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A vote for Otos

EDITOR, Daily News:

First, a big thanks to all of the candidates who have stepped forward to run for public office in the upcoming municipal election. In order for our “government of the people by the people and for the people” system of government to work effectively, the people need to be willing to participate. Thank you!

I’m writing to ask the voters of the Ketchikan community to strongly consider casting one of their two votes for Borough Assembly for Mr. Austin Otos. After running for the Assembly and narrowly coming up short in the last election, Austin has been working very hard to stay engaged on all the issues facing the community as a whole and specifically the KGB Assembly. He has regularly attended their meetings, written letters to local media outlets commenting on the issues. The positions he has taken on those issues reflect the thoughts of someone who has taken the time to hear from “all sides” of the issue(s), I have known Austin for at least 10 years, though he has been a member of the Ketchikan community for most of his life. Austin is a well-educated, logical, and thoughtful young man.

If elected to the Assembly, his primary endeavor will be to seek public input before casting any votes on the major issues facing the Assembly. His views are moderate and centrist and he has no ideological axe to grind. Finding ways that the Assembly can adopt policies that facilitate jobs and economic opportunity is Austin’s top priority. He also pledges to support policies that bolster educational opportunities for our young people and believes that quality education is the primary way we should invest in our community’s future.

Austin is a much-needed more youthful voice on Ketchikan Community political scene. I am excited to vote for a candidate that seeks out and listens to public input on the issues, and who will promote policies that are in the best interest of the Ketchikan community. Municipal election day is Tuesday, Oct. 1. At the ballot box, we will have the ability to cast two votes for Borough Assembly, and I encourage voters to cast one of their two votes for Mr. Austin Otos.