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Recall Dunleavy

EDITOR, Daily News:

In your Aug. 3 editorial, your paper referred to the effort to recall Gov. Dunleavy as a “distraction” from Alaska’s ongoing fiscal crisis.

I believe this to be very inaccurate reading of the situation. Since being sworn in, Gov. Dunleavy has taken advantage of the instability created by fiscal crisis in order to misuse his office and violate the law, all in order to intimidate the other branches of government and deepen our state’s austerity. By this improper conduct the governor hopes to enact ideological goals opposed by a majority of Alaskans, the Legislature, and the courts. Gov. Dunleavy’s actions thus both arise from and actively contribute to the fiscal crisis; they are inseparable from it. Dealing with the fiscal crisis therefore requires addressing the fact that the governor is wilfully making things worse through deliberate incompetence and sabotage.

Fortunately, the Alaska people have the constitutional and statutory power to put an end to the governor’s intentional misgovernment by recalling him. This would not only prevent Dunleavy from engaging in further bad acts that exploit the fiscal situation in order to harm the state, but also deter future governors from behaving in such a manner.

The recall is therefore not a distraction from our fiscal crisis, but rather a course of action necessary for the crisis’s potential resolution. This is why I signed the recall petition on Aug. 3.