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The pay off

Ketchikan isn’t immune to theft — petty, as well as expensive.

Taking preventive measures pays off. At the very least, if a thief is successful in taking things, these measures might give authorities the evidence needed to catch a perpetrator.

Security systems are popular these days. They are affordable, can be set up to record activity at front doors, around the sides of houses, in garages and even miles away at a business or boat harbor. In some cases, they also set off an alarm. And it is possible to monitor some home systems while away through a cellular telephone.

Typical suggestions to prevent burglary include making a home look occupied and difficult to break into; lock all doors and windows; leave lights on and set automatic timers to turn them on and off when not at home; close and lock garage doors;

Arrange for the newspaper and the postal service to hold deliveries when absent or ask a neighbor to collect papers and mail;

Use deadbolts; put bicycles, lawn mowers and similar items in garages and sheds, and lock sheds. Trim trees and shrubbery to eliminate hiding places for potential intruders. Mark valuables, perhaps with a driver’s license number;

Keep a detailed inventory of valuable possessions, including serial numbers; photographic record of these items can be helpful in their return in case of theft.

Many of these suggestions apply also to automobiles, businesses and harbors — generally keep valuables out of sight and locked up.

It takes only effort — mostly a small effort — to prevent theft. And, whether big or small, it pays off.