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Where’s the Doonesbury?

EDITOR, Daily News:

My wife and I have subscribed to the Ketchikan Daily News for 35 years. The paper’s standards for journalism have always been high. That we have such an excellent daily newspaper is a point of local pride that I never fail to mention when I explain the virtues of our town to visitors.  

The governor’s budget cuts, curtailment of the Marine Highway System, the drought, and the number of ships and visitors the town can handle confront Ketchikan. These questions can best be answered with the aid of the award-deserving coverage of local and regional events afforded by the Daily News.

Some of your recent changes deserve comment. The Waterfront page was first buried in the middle of the second section, then moved to share the former two-page editorial section. The change halved the number and variety of national columnists, a strong point of the Daily News that I’d like to see continue. Scene seemed to work better as a separate section.

The need to reduce the size of the funnies page to reduce costs is understandable, even the need to print one side in color and share the reverse with other content, but — Where is Doonesbury??