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Communication breakdown

EDITOR, Daily News:

On May 7, 2019, WISH received by email the Old Dairy Road service area petition and a bid for road repairs. The way the documents were presented, it appeared that WISH would be responsible for $4,000 in road repairs if the service area went forward. The description in the bid indicated that the only section of the road that was to be repaired was the portion adjacent to the properties of the individuals that had signed off on the petition. The repairs did not seem to address the issues with the road adjacent to the WISH property. WISH asked for additional information on the petition and the road repair bid and received no response.

At the onset of the June 17 Borough Assembly meeting, WISH was still under the impression that if the service area went forward, we would be on the hook for $4,000 in road repairs of dubious value to WISH. Hence our request that the petition be rejected. It was only later in the public comment portion of the meeting that Mr. Hiatt indicated that he had abandoned the road repair scheme.

WISH has dutifully paid its property taxes on the parcels to date. We will continue to pay the base taxes and the approximately $400 (not $4,000) in additional taxes levied if the service area is approved until we are utilitizing the property in support of our mission.

This entire situation could have been avoided if the petitioners had contacted WISH directly. During the past year, over 300 people have made their way to WISH’s doorstep; we’re not that difficult to find.


Executive Director

Women in Safe Homes