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Failure isn’t bad when it turns out to be helpful.

It’s Year 2 for the Ketchikan (Silver) Salmon Derby.

Dorcas Eleanor Dunmire, 78, died on Aug. 9, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born Dorcas Eleanor Wesley on Sept. 15, 1940, in Metlakatla.
Weather benefits

Ketchikan is in for rain.

The weather forecast started showing heavy rain coming to the First City at least a week ago.

The same forecast shows it continuing for no less than another week hence.

As of this week, the total rainfall for the year exceeded 50 inches. The total as of June 9 came to 49.33 inches.

A year ago as of June 9, Ketchikan had 55.85 inches of rain.

As of June 10, 2017, the total was 67.24 inches. The annual total to date for June 9, 2016, came to 79.40 inches. Rainfall totaled 77.33 inches by June 9, 2015, and 62.85 inches by June 9, 2014.

In the past seven years, Ketchikan averaged approximately 67.89 inches of rain by this time of June.

This is one of the community’s driest years for the first half of the year so far.

But, as noted earlier, the forecast is for rain and rain and rain.

If it continues through the month and perhaps through the summer — it wouldn’t be the first time that a dry spring turned into a wet summer — then the water supply needed to generate hydroelectric power without Ketchikan Public Utilities employing diesels for energy should rise significantly.

But, either way, Ketchikan benefits. The rain reduces the need for diesel power and the accompanying KPU surcharges. And for the price of a surcharge, the community enjoys the sun, which is still less expensive than it is elsewhere.

Let it rain. Then let the sun shine.