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It should be an obvious yes vote for drinking water.

Ending the season with an encouraging word for the next one is the way to do...

Coming together

A small crowd gathered early Thursday afternoon to pray, sing and listen during a community prayer event at the Taquan Air facility in Ketchikan.

The Ketchikan-based company is going through a difficult time following two recent aviation incidents that resulted in fatalities.

Thursday’s brief event was organized by David Jensen, a Ketchikan man who wanted to show support for the people involved in the incidents, for their families, and those who work for and with the companies involved.

It was a somberly touching event. Heartfelt comments and prayers, including for first responders, were offered. “Amazing Grace’ was sung. Attendees recited “The Lord’s Prayer.” Jerry Scudero, the former owner of Taquan Air, spoke words of understanding, strength, perseverance and courage.

The outdoor enclosure area was full, with people standing just outside the entryways. Many were longtime Ketchikan residents. They’d come from work or home or chores to be there.

To be there.

Few things provide more comfort and encouragement than people coming out to show their support. The simple fact of their presence communicates as eloquently as any word or tune. You’re not alone. We are with you.

During the past several days, these local residents and many more have gathered at various times and places to be together, to remember, to support one another. It’s not unusual — it’s what people here have always done.

That we continue to come together to stand with and for each other inspires hope for the Ketchikan community, and all of us who live and work within it.