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A small crowd gathered early Thursday afternoon to pray, sing and listen...

That baby should be left alone.

Dominic Alexander Benedict Vera, 58, died May 12, 2019, in Metlakatla. He was born Jan. 5, 1961, in Eugene, Oregon.
Bear signs

Bear signs showed up in downtown neighborhoods this past weekend.

Awake and hungry, the bears are dumpster diving. Or getting into trash cans.

They often show up at night or early in the morning, and leave trash all over streets, sidewalks, in carports and nearby wooded areas.

They are attracted to a variety of aromas. The fishy smell in the creek will capture their attention in late summer; these days it’s garbage or recently used barbecue grills.

They’re also attracted to chickens, which are found in a few yards, and to food left for outdoor pets. Bears even like to raid bird feeders.

It’s time to remove bear attractants and keep trash inside when possible until garbage trucks come by on pickup days. Garbage cans left outside should be secured.

You know the drill.