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This community wears its heart on its sleeve when it comes to the homeless.

A short-term solution is better than no solution at all.

Laura Jean Straight, 65, died on Oct. 9, 2019, in Bellingham, Washington. She was born to Mildred Irwin and Al Betmyeren on Dec.
Keep it simple

It’s nonsensical to change clocks twice a year.

Ketchikan dutifully moved the hands on its clocks forward an hour over the weekend. It was a short Sunday.

In the fall, the community will move the hands back. Or, depending on the type of clock, it might do it itself.

This all has to do with switching between standard time and daylight saving time.

The practice started during World War I. It was later discontinued. But then the Union Time Act of 1966 allowed states to decide whether to participate in the switch.

While most states decided to biannually change the clock, various states are beginning to rethink that decision.

For Ketchikan and Alaska, it would be preferred to take advantage of the clock that provides the most daylight time — particularly in the spring and summer. But, more than that, it would be best to be on the same clock as Washington state because much business is conducted between the two states.

Washington state’s House voted over the weekend to adopt daylight saving time year-round. The Senate will vote next. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee hasn’t indicated whether he would sign the House bill.

Oregon and California are considering daylight saving time permanently, as well, and the British Columbia premiere has indicated an interest in coordinating that province’s time with West Coast states.

Congress would have to endorse the switch to year-round daylight saving time. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has introduced the Sunshine Protection Act of 2019 in Congress. It would eliminate Standard Time for year-round daylight saving time nationwide. President Donald Trump recently endorsed the idea.

It’s about time to make the switch permanent.