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Failure isn’t bad when it turns out to be helpful.

It’s Year 2 for the Ketchikan (Silver) Salmon Derby.

Dorcas Eleanor Dunmire, 78, died on Aug. 9, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born Dorcas Eleanor Wesley on Sept. 15, 1940, in Metlakatla.
A case for open borders

EDITOR, Daily News:

I just got my new Medicare card. On it, it says:

Numero De Medicare

Co Derecho A

Coberfuca Empieza

No we don’t need a wall. What we need is open borders to let more Mexicans in. We’re going to need them to teach us to read, write and speak their language.

It’s pretty obvious to me that a majority of these people have no interest, desire or intention of assimilating into our culture. That would require effort and sacrifice.

It’s much easier to just cross the border illegally and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. They enroll their children in our schools when they can’t even speak the language, sign up for benefits, and if they need medical attention, they just go to the emergency. All for free and at the expense of the American people.

Rich Elliott