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Failure isn’t bad when it turns out to be helpful.

It’s Year 2 for the Ketchikan (Silver) Salmon Derby.

Dorcas Eleanor Dunmire, 78, died on Aug. 9, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born Dorcas Eleanor Wesley on Sept. 15, 1940, in Metlakatla.
A ladder at every slip

EDITOR, Daily News:

Does Ketchikan realize that its harbors are in fact death traps?

Hopefully something is being done about its, albeit too late for some.

Every Alaskan knows something about hypothermia, or should know as the waters here are unforgiving.

A friend once told me that if you fall off the dock in one of our harbors you have only one chance to get out, and only minutes before cold and wet will get to you.

At the last Port and Harbors Advisory Board meeting of Jan. 8, 2019, it was suggested to the board to do something about the lack of ladders at any of our many harbors. There are some hurdles to clear, but every person on the board was in agreement that something has to be done.

We recently lost two sons of Ketchikan in Thomas Basin, and one is still missing. Thomas Basin is also my home and, as a long time boat captain, I have heard plenty of stories of close calls! Enough losses already! We need ladders at every slip!

Thank you Port and Harbors board members and let’s not drop the ball!

I am an Alaska resident since 1965 and a Ketchikan resident since 1968.