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Tradition lost?

EDITOR, Daily News:

More than 12 merchants had no extended hours for Moonlight Madness.

Not all individuals have schedules allowing shopping before 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.. I recall in years past a crowded downtown, sidewalks three and four abreast, and children with smiles, excitement and anxious to find desired bargain items. I recall a few nights with wind and liquid sunshine, too.

Saturday night was calm with no wind nor rain, mild temperature, and sidewalks to ourselves. May be unbelievable to some that we were the only customers in two stores shopped at due to the limited hours. I remember in the past shopping in six to eight stores, spending more than $150 of my PFD, and this year it was $33 in 30 minutes!  The only location doing a brisk business at that hour was Cape Fox.

I have not shopped this evening in the past six years (due to caregiving), and perhaps I'm not aware interest in this event has decreased and it is not what it once was.

My thoughts of disappointment wandered to thinking the tourist business is being catered to more than the locals, is the lack of management interest attributed to the level of catalog shopping here, and likely a high loss of boosted sales from PFD spending.

I seriously hope the seasonal tradition has not been lost, the experience this year was a quirk, and next year Moonlight Madness will be different.