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It’s where we live. We ought to care about it.

Christians throughout Ketchikan, southern Southeast Alaska, throughout the...

Karen Sue Williams Jones, 67, died March 29, 2019, in Kingman, Arizona. She was born in McMinnville, Oregon, and raised in Yamhill, Oregon.
Constance McNeill, 83, died March 30, 2019 in Klawock. She was born Constance Williams on Dec. 24, 1935, in Klawock.
Geraldine Dix, 46, died Feb. 7, 2019, in Klawock. She was born Geraldine McNeill on April 14, 1972, at Mt. Edgecumbe.
Vote Abbott

EDITOR, Daily News:

On Tuesday, Aug. 21, we have a primary election for House District 36. Dan Ortiz, Trevor Shaw and Ghert Abott are vying for the representative seat in Juneau.

If you are reading this letter in the Daily News, it means you read the newspaper. It also means you track the opinions of others who submit their letters to the editor. One being, Ghert Abbott.

I met Ghert in January 2017 at the Women’s March Rally at Berth 2. A speaker at the rally, I observed Ghert was quite passionate about the direction the administration was taking Alaska. Poor fiscal responsibility of this and previous governors, along with senior senators and Congress representatives in Washington, D.C., has put Alaska more than $4 billion in debt, with little to none accountability of what happened to it. Our diversity in air, land and sea economies should place Alaska high on every important list to preserve, protect and properly manage, and yet we are losing ground, especially with this current Republican administration.

Ghert Abbott is focusing on the financial issues, because, as he stated, “everything else is tied to fixing Alaska’s budget. Funding for education, for infrastructure, for schools, for health care, for the Alaska Marine Highway System, are at risk.”

Ghert quietly works with the community with projects that improve our lifestyle. I see him at the library, community events, social welfare events, shelters and food lines giving of himself so that others may have a better “moment.” Highly Intelligent, when Ghert speaks, there is a message if you take the time to listen. Abbott is a leader and will do well for us in Juneau.

Please make an effort to vote next Tuesday. The November ballot needs diversity. Vote Ghert Abbott.

Thank you for listening