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Springtime is here. It’s official today at 1:58 p.m. Alaska time.

A record number of Alaskans turned out this past week to tell the House...

Gina Lucille "Bobby" Callister Demmert Milner, 56, died Dec. 10, 2018, in Anchorage.
Centrist views

EDITOR, Daily News:

Recently I had an interesting conversation about how Australia has promoted more representative political candidates. Mandatory voting!  When more citizens participate in electing paid officials, centrist candidates are more likely to prevail.

Our country, and our state, are in desperate need of not being further polarized. Extremist views have much more potential to do harm than centrist views. Something I deeply appreciate about Bill Walker and Byron Mallott as a team is their common interest in what is right for Alaska. They have crafted a working relationship, beyond partisanship, which is benefiting all Alaskans. The Walker and Mallott policies have been formulated with clear-headed principles, starting with a balanced budget. Against many odds as the price of oil plummeted, they managed to preserve allocations for infrastructure, education, and social services without cutting jobs. These gentlemen have demonstrable respect for our cultural and natural treasures. Because they act from the knowledge that we, the people of Alaska, are our greatest resource, their policies will continue to benefit of all Alaskans.

I’m disappointed the Democratic Party has endorsed Begich. I have voted “D” my whole life, but not this time, because “political party” is not nearly as interesting as “true value.”