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Fairbanks to vote on firefighters' contract

FAIRBANKS (AP) — The Fairbanks City Council is set to vote on a deal with the Fairbanks Firefighters Union.

The council is expected to vote Monday night on a three-year contract in the latest attempt to resolve a conflict between the governing body and the union, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported .

A fiscal note for the contract lists about $408,000 in new expenditures required for 2019, if the deal is approved, for wage and health care increases and projected overtime above 2018's budgeted amount.

The city budgeted $458,000 for overtime at the Fairbanks Fire Department in 2018.

Increases to overtime would be the result of raising the minimum staffing level from nine to 11 employees but not adding any new hires.

The administration proposes paying for the additional overtime by using Ground Emergency Medical Transportation funds recently approved by Gov. Bill Walker. Fairbanks expects between $200,000 and $900,000 in those funds.

Councilmen Jerry Cleworth and David Pruhs criticized many elements of the agreement but were upset that the contract's fiscal note was never presented to the Finance Committee.

The councilmen had hoped to discuss the contract again in executive session, but negotiations are closed.

The Fairbanks Firefighters Union represents about 40 members.