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The little things we do have big impacts. K.J.

We can’t believe it’s already mid-December.

Arlene Wanda Nelson, 77, died Dec. 11, 2018, in Ketchikan. She was born Arlene Wanda Charles on Oct. 29, 1941, in Ketchikan.
Chop! Chop!

A frequent topic of conversation is the high price of prescription drugs.

They’re too high; they’re getting higher.

President Trump has said: Enough!

The Trump administration is taking on the pharmaceutical industry. The industry sells high-price drugs to Americans and lowers the price for foreign sales.

The result is Americans, if they have sufficient health insurance, or the wherewithal to buy drugs, get what they need. If they don’t, they suffer or die. Maybe both — suffer until they die.

Meanwhile, the drugs created with American ingenuity are sold at lower prices to countries that had little to nothing to do with developing the drugs.

President Trump’s America-First motto was written for scenarios such as this.

And the president, judging by his previous experience, will deal with the industry much as if it were a hostile nation. He will apply the pressure of the presidency for the benefit of Americans — the people who elected him to do exactly that.

The high prices in the United States subsidize the low prices elsewhere.

These high prices also have a rippling effect. Health insurance coverage pays them in most cases. Then the insurance companies increase their prices to cover the expense. Those increases are passed on to customers in the price of insurance policies. Then, if possible, those customers, when they become patients, choose whether to receive care. With high prices, delay might be the patient’s choice, which often results in worse and more expensive cases. And, of course, part of the expense is pharmaceuticals.

For all that’s said about President Trump, and there appears to be no end to comment, he is responding to the concerns of Americans: First taxes (most presidents don’t deliver a tax reduction that shows up in lower withholdings on payday). Now, it’s the price of pharmaceuticals.

This president is chopping at what Americans would if they occupied the Oval Office.