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The little things we do have big impacts. K.J.

We can’t believe it’s already mid-December.

Arlene Wanda Nelson, 77, died Dec. 11, 2018, in Ketchikan. She was born Arlene Wanda Charles on Oct. 29, 1941, in Ketchikan.
Public service

Kudos to KPU Telecommunications for customer care this week — especially as it wasn’t their customers who were affected by a particular service problem.

Earlier this week, AT&T was having service issues that affected AT&T cell phones, AT&T long distance, 800 numbers, credit card machines, alarm lines — even radio broadcasts on Prince of Wales Island.

KPU Telecommunications posted a “customer care alert” on its Facebook page on Monday morning, noting that AT&T had confirmed an outage in Southeast Alaska but had not provided a “root cause” of the problem or an estimated time that service might be restored.

KPU Telecommunications provided updates during the course of Monday afternoon and midday Tuesday.

It also responded to inquiries about the situation, both from the Ketchikan area and from other communities such as Kake, Klawock and even Nome.

Why bother?

“We did it as a courtesy for the community,” stated a KPU Telecommunications post. “It was not a KPU issue but it affected people so we posted.”

 That’s a good way to handle things. People wanted answers, and KPU Telecommunications provided information as it became available.

As a competitor with AT&T in cellular service, KPU Telecommunications stands to benefit from a prompt customer care response when, like it was this week, it’s in a position to provide timely information on any service issues affecting Ketchikan.

Whatever its ultimate reasons, KPU Telecommunications performed a public service in providing information that helped at least some people in the Ketchikan community and beyond to gain some understanding of the outage situation and its resolution.