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Maxine Esther Mallott, 89, died May 24, 2018, of natural causes, in Olympia, Washington.
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Kayhi track and field boys take 2nd: Girls squad finishes 5th in Wash. meet

Daily News Staff Writer

The Ketchikan High School boys track and field squad took second place overall Saturday in the Al McKee Invitational meet at Washington state’s Stevenson High School.

The Kayhi girls placed fifth in the six-team meet that occurred two days after Ketchikan’s first meet of the 2018 season at Toutle Lake High School, also in washington

“It went pretty good,” Kayhi head coach Alex Pennino said Sunday while en route back to Ketchikan. “Usually the second meet they're kind of beat — tired from all the travel. ... “But a lot of the guys improved their time from the first meet. That's kind of what we’re looking for.”

Kayhi was traveling with about 22 athletes, just over one-third of the full team that totals about 60 participants. The smaller team on this trip was due to factors such as participation in the Spring Music Festival in Juneau and injuries.

A number of the Kayhi track athletes making the Washington trip were underclassmen, some of whom were participating in their first track meets, according to Pennino. The meets provided good opportunities for meet experience.

“We’re just trying to get a feel for what some of our younger runners are going to be doing for the rest of the year,” he said, “plugging them in to different even s and see how they'll do.

“They did a good job, Pennino continued. “They represented pretty well out there.The boys got second in the meet with kind of a skeleton crew. So that was pretty good.”

Kayhi junior Brendon Wong was solid for the Kings, earning 15 team points with performances that included a second place in the shot put, a fourth in the discus — and a fifth in the javelin.

“He did a great job out there for us,” Pennino said, noting that Wong recorded personal bests in the shot put and discus.

Kayhi, which doesn’t have a javelin, borrowed one from another team and got some practice in on Friday. Wong’s strong showing on Saturday followed just that short practice, according to Pennino.

“(It) was great for only having thrown it five or six times,” he said.

Among the other Kayhi Kings who had a good meet Saturday was Luke Reynolds, a senior distance runner who placed second in the 1,600-meter race. Pennino said Reynolds started fast and held his form together throughout the race, posting some good splits for the first three laps.

 “I'm happy for his race.” Pennino said. “... He built a good foundation for his next meet.”

Kayhi senior Nathaniel Ellis had a good race in the 3,200 meters, coming out from the back pack with a good kick late in the race to overtake a couple of runners and place third.

“(Ellis) went out there and really battled in that race — went out and got himself in a position to score some points,” Pennino said. “...I’m really proud of that.”

The coach also highlight sophomore Hunter Mathews, who’s getting up to speed in the high jump. Mathews recorded a personal record of 5 feet on Saturday, placing sixth in the event.

“He's just learning how to do the high jump,” Pennino said. “He’s got a lot of potential in that event, so we’re excited about that.”

Thorne Bay High School’s Titus Tripple, who was traveling with the Ketchikan team this past week, got personal records in the 300-meter hurdles, as well as in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. He placed third in the 300-meter and 100-meter hurdles.

On the girls’ side, Kayhi freshman Rachel Knight recorded a personal record while finishing third in the 400-meter race, which also saw personal records by Madison Rose and Keri Thomas.

The Lady Kings 4 x 100 relay team of Rosie Kacenas, Carlee Zartman, Knight and Rose placed second in that event. The 4 x 400 squad of Zartman, Ashley Cyr, Knight and Thomas placed first.

“They had nice hand-offs,” Pennino said. “They were pretty good all the way around. That’s pretty hard to do.”

The overall meet experience at Stevenson was positive, according to Pennino, citing great people and hospitality, in addition to cool weather in the 50s that was “perfect” for a track meet.

He was looking forward to getting in some good practices in this week ahead of Kayhi’s first home meet that will bring teams from around Southeast Alaska to Esther Shea Field on Friday and Saturday.

With nearly 60 athletes on the Kayhi team, “there will be a lot of maroon jerseys on the track,” Pennino said.

“Come on out, check it out. It will be pretty neat,” he said. “Everybody is going to be down there all the Southeast teams. It'll be the first meet for a few of them too, as well. There' will be some great athletes there. ... Some good races out there on the track.”

The meet will start at 3 p.m. on Friday at Esther Shea Field, then continue beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday.


Al McKee Invitational

Stevenson High School

April 14

Men’s 100 Meters

1) Chandlor Bucklin: 11.66. Columbia; 4) Titus Tripple:12.43 (PR). Ketchikan; 5) Kadin Hodges: 12.54. KTN; 10) ER Caparas: 13.37 (PR). KTN, 4) Franklyn Correa: 13.87. KTN.

 Men’s 200 Meters

1) Chandlor Bucklin: 24.09. Columbia; 5) Kadin Hodges: 25.20. Ketchikan; 6) Titus Tripple: 25.42 (PR). Thorne Bay.

 Men’s 400 Meters

1) Jann Priesemuth: 54.93 (PR). Columbia; 4) Kadin Hodges: 58.00. Ketchikan; 5) John Barron: 58.71. KTN; 6) Paul Allmendinger: 60.64 (PR). KTN; 10) Franklyn Correa; 62.57 (PR). KTN.

Men’s 800 Meters

1) Trey Connolly: 2:09.86. Highland; 4) Paul Allmendinger: 2:19.70. Ketchikan; 5) Luke, Reynolds: 2:25.98. KTN; 6) John Barron: 2:29.29. KTN; 7) Hunter Mathews: 2:32.00. KTN.

Men’s 1600 Meters

1) Ethan Haight: 4:52.96. Stevenson; 2) Luke Reynolds: 5:01.26. Ketchikan; 5) Paul Allmendinger: 5:09.27. KTN; 8) John Barron: 5:27.72 (PR). KTN; 9) Nathaniel Ellis: 5:28.94. KTN.

Men’s 3200 Meters

1) Devante Martinez: 11:02.85 (PR). Highland; 3) Nathaniel Ellis: 12:25.03. Ketchikan; 4) Hunter Mathews: 12:34.71. KTN.

Men’s 110m Hurdles

1) David McAndie: 15.66 (PR). Stevenson; 3) Titus Tripple: 16.77. Thorne Bay; 4) Christopher Carlson: 19.69. Ketchikan; 5) Nolan Meyer: 19.90. KTN.

Men’s 300m Hurdles

1) David McAndie: 42.03 (PR). Stevenson; 2) James McAndie: 42.90. Stevenson; 3) Titus Tripple: 43.00 (PR). Thorne Bay; 5) Nolan Meyer: 50.80. Ketchikan; 6) Germin Pasion: 51.82 (PR). KTN; 7) Christopher Carlson: 52.01. KTN.

Men’s Shot Put

1) Skyler Bernt: 42-11.50. Stevenson; 2) Brendan Wong: 42-06.00 (PR). Ketchikan; 3) Dawson Entwit: 28-09.00. KTN; 5) Chris Salita: 27-00.75. KTN.

Men’s Discus

1) Lorenzo Cervantes: 124-00. Highland; 4) Brendan Wong: 103-00 (PR). Ketchikan; 2) Dawson Entwit: 74-09. KTN; 3) Chris Salita: 72-06.50. KTN.

Men’s Javelin

1) Stanley Hylton: 148-04. Columbia; 5) Brendan Wong: 114-11. Ketchikan; 14) Christopher Carlson: 92-03 (PR). KTN; 15) Dawson Entwit: 88-06. KTN.

Men’s High Jump

1) Lincoln Krog: 6-02.00. Stevenson; 6) Hunter Mathews: 5-00.00 (PR). Ketchikan.

 Men’s Long Jump

1) Isaac Hoidal: 21-05.50 (PR). Stevenson; 6) Germin Pasion: 16-08.00. Ketchikan; 7) Hunter Mathews: 16-01.50 (PR). KTN; 12) ER Caparas: 13-06.50 (PR). KTN.

 Men’s Triple Jump

1) Isaac Hoidal: 42-07.00 (PR). Stevenson; 3) Nolan Meyer: 35-09.50 (PR). Ketchikan; 4) Preston Lowrey: 35-08.25. Stevenson; 7) Germin: Pasion: 30-10.00 (PR). KTN; 8) ER: Caparas: 30-05.00 (PR). KTN.

 Women’s 100 Meters

1) Alondra Casarez-Garci 3.44. Columbia; 5) Carlee Zartman: 15.49 (PR). Ketchikan; 9) Rosie Kacenas: 15.77. KTN; 11) Kailey Edenshaw: 17.49. KTN.

 Women’s 200 Meters

1) Serenity Barbour-Harrell: 28.55. Columbia; 7) Carlee Zartman: 32.85. Ketchikan; 11) Rosie Kacenas: 33.58 (PR). KTN.

Women’s 400 Meters

1) Makayl Fies: 64.50 (PR). Columbia; 3) Rachel Knight: 69.60 (PR). Ketchikan; 5) Madison Rose: 74.14 (PR). KTN; 6) Keri Thomas: 74.81 (PR). KTN.

Women’s 800 Meters

1) Kaitlyn Rathgeber: 2:37.14. Stevenson; 5) Ashley Cyr: 2:59.34. Ketchikan; 6) Rachel Knight: 3:00.06. KTN.

Women’s 1600 Meters

1) Haley Blair: 5:44.88. Columbia; 4) Ashley Cyr: 6:31.92. Ketchikan.

Women’s 300m Hurdles

1) Alondra Casarez-Garcia; 52.42. Columbia; 5) Keri Thomas: 63.16 (PR). Ketchikan.

Women’s 4x100 Relay

1) Stevenson: 53.84 (Addison Newell, Abby Towell, Kaitlyn: Rathgeber, Jade Waymire); 2) Ketchikan: 60.13 (Rosie Kacenas, Carlee Zartman, Rachel Knight, Madison Rose).

 Women’s 4x400 Relay

1) Ketchikan: 5:08.44 (Carlee Zartman, Ashley Cyr, Rachel Knight, Keri Thomas).

Women’s Shot Put

1) Kennedy O'Mahoney: 30-06.50. Stevenson; 2) Victoria Adams: 17-11.25. Ketchikan

Women’s Discus

1) Kennedy O'Mahoney: 77-05. Stevenson; 6) Victoria Adams: 60-09.50. Ketchikan.

Women’s Long Jump

1) Addison Newell: 14-08.00. Stevenson; 7) Kailey Edenshaw: 11-02.00 (PR). Ketchikan.

Women’s Triple Jump

1) Kaitlyn Rathgeber: 32-11.25. Stevenson; 4) Kailey Edenshaw: 22-04.00. Ketchikan.