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Luella May Couture, 75, died Dec. 8, 2019, in Ketchikan. She was born on May 30, 1944, in Monroe, Washington.
Berth 3 project nearing closure: Major work completion anticipated by April 10
A construction crane towers over Berth 3 on Friday. Staff Photo by Dustin Safranek

Daily News Staff Writer

Work on Berth 3 is moving along, with an end date for major work predicted for April 10. The project mainly involves overhauls of the barge and transfer bridge, though the project involves several other nearby areas, as well.

The project began in December and is expected to total about $5 million dollars.

Work on the transfer bridge, performed by Turnagain Marine Construction, is largely complete. The project involved installing modifications, including handrails, to improve pedestrian use. Turnagain also completely recoated the bridge. The bridge, which is now sitting on the port next to Berth 3, is planned to go back into position Wednesday, City of Ketchikan Port and Harbors Department Director Steve Corporon said.

Vigor Alaska, the project's other primary contractor, transported Berth 3's barge to the Ketchikan Shipyard for recoating in December. According to Corporon, some of the coating was unable to properly adhere for reasons unknown to Vigor.

The barge has since been returned to Berth 3, where Vigor plans to resolve the issue when all other work in the area is complete.

Other work in the area includes spray metalizing on Berth 3's dolphins and dock for corrosion protection. Turnagain divers have also been installing corrosion protection, including anodes and pile jackets, on some of the piles in the area.

Finally, Turnagain is performing repairs and installing corrosion protection on the Berth 3 tender float. The float usually sits to the east of the barge and is used to tie up smaller boats that pick up passengers at Berth 3.

Corporon said Friday that the project would likely run just slightly over its original budget because more areas have required maintenance than expected.