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Maxine Esther Mallott, 89, died May 24, 2018, of natural causes, in Olympia, Washington.
James “Jim” Maurice Clay, 75, died July 9, 2018, in Ketchikan. He was born Oct. 3, 1942, in Albany, Oregon.
Value of teachers

EDITOR, Daily News:

Dashing off to the post office this morning I couldn’t help notice many “I love teachers” signs around town, and thought to myself, “Well of course — who doesn’t love teachers?”

This thought cascaded into a train of thought at how fortunate my life has been because of our wonderful teachers in this town. I have known many in my various roles, and one thing holds true and that is a sense of commitment to our community.

I hesitate to name even a few who have graced my life, but I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize Karen Eakes as a shining example of grace and fortitude while serving as a school board member, executive director of Patchworks, and a driving force behind the formation of the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition. Carolyn Stallings, my friend, pushing my understanding of the cosmos and my place in it. Christa Bruce who served as lead chaperone on the eighth-grade survival trip to Bold Island. She not only served up discipline in a kind and gentle manner but with laughter as well.

Upon further reflection, my list would undoubtedly take up quite a number of pages. Think of all the teachers who have shared their talents at the Monthly Grind, the ballet, jazz concerts, community choir, wearable art show, quilters guild — oh the list does seem endless!

If the need is there our teachers/community members step up to fill the niche.

My trek to the post office was to retrieve a computer whose hard drive had crashed with our much needed tax information. Yikes!

However, once again, I had to thank my lucky stars as my son was able to restore the data, and, that more than two decades ago, his sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Mateu, encouraged me to purchase a computer. He had, by her account, displayed an aptitude for technology. His knowledge expanded under the tutelage of many a teacher in high school, giving him a foundation to work in the “geek squad” while attending college. I also had to laugh remembering Mr. Zamudio’s warning of dire consequences if I did not back up my data nightly — lesson finally learned!