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On Friday, U.S.

Violet Katherine Booth, 86, died June 14, 2018, in Metlakatla. She was born Sept. 24, 1931, in Metlakatla.
Jesse Robert Zaugg, 34, died June 9, 2018, in a vehicle accident on Seward Highway outside of Anchorage. He was born Aug.
Celebrate women

This is the day to celebrate women. It’s also the week and the month.

This is International Women’s History Day, and Women’s History Week. Plus, March is National Women’s History Month.

Congress established the Women’s History Week and Women’s History Month in the 1980s, and a proclamation honoring the achievements of American women is issued annually.

President Trump is the latest president to issue the proclamation, recalling stories of brilliant and courageous contributions made by women.

Trump points to the women from towns to cities who not only raise the next generation of citizens, but provide local leadership in a variety of ways.

He notes the challenges of some of the earliest American women. For example, Mary Katherine Goddard, who served as the Baltimore postmaster and printed the second copy of the then-treasonous Declaration of Independence in 1775. Or Olive Ann Beech, the first female head of a major aircraft company, which built thousands of aircraft for the Allied effort during World War II.

This weekend, Ketchikan’s Women in Safe Homes will be honoring a slate of distinctive local women for their cultural, social and community contributions — Caitlin Andrews, Clare Bennett, Holly Churchill, Linda Gilson and Renee Schofield.

These and the honorees before them join women from throughout Alaska, the nation and the world as recipients of applause for the part they play in advancing the well-being of society.

It isn’t the only part, but it’s vital.