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Jesse Robert Zaugg, 34, died June 9, 2018, in a vehicle accident on Seward Highway outside of Anchorage. He was born Aug.
Get system in order

Once again the system broke down, leading to a massive shooting.

This time the tragic event occurred at a Florida high school.

Seventeen people died.

The response in some corners is to call for strengthening gun acquisition laws. In other corners, the view is that greater attention needs to be paid to mental illness.

It’s likely something can be done in both areas without compromising the Second Amendment — giving Americans the right to bear arms — and impeding Americans’ other freedoms.

But, in this case, all of the signs were there. The information on the suspect was extensive. The FBI and other law enforcement authorities knew the danger posed by this young man. The man himself made no secret as to his thoughts and feelings about guns and some of the people he attacked.

Survivors want to prevent a repeat event. They want to do something, act on behalf of those who died in the attack.

It should be noted that there is a system in place. The system broke down when information wasn’t acted upon before the suspect broke the law.

The same type of thing happened in November 2017 when a former Air Force airman killed 25 people at a Texas church. The Air Force admitted it had failed to enter information about that suspect into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that would have prevented him from buying a gun.

The system clearly needs to be reviewed and upgraded in light of a trend developing when it comes to shootings.