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Tuesday’s state primary election will surprise.

Circumstances change.

Larry Dennis Lemons, 73, died Aug. 12, 2018, in Craig. He was born on May 7, 1945, in Prairie City , Oregon.
Helen Blanche Peterson, 70, died Aug. 11, 2018, in Saxman. She was born Helen Blanch Edenshaw on Feb. 10, 1948, in Ketchikan.
Kodiak police: Drug deal dispute turned into kidnapping

KODIAK (AP) — A Kodiak man has been accused of kidnapping, threatening and burning another man after a drug deal went wrong.

Police spotted the victim running shoeless and yelling, “I stabbed him,” The Kodiak Daily Mirror reported .

That man told police he had stabbed David Grosser to get away from Grosser’s apartment where he’d been held against his will.

He told police that he and another person went to Grosser’s apartment to get money to buy drugs for Grosser. The man said he stayed at Grosser’s while his acquaintance left to get the drugs. Two hours later, the man said Grosser began to believe he was being set up and threatened to cut his face from ear to ear.

The victim said Grosser heated up two knives and threatened to mutilate his eyes before putting one of the knives to his cheek, burning him.

He told police that when he tried to leave, Grosser put him in a chokehold, which ended in him stabbing Grosser and running from the apartment.

The officer who made first contact with Grosser after he was stabbed in his apartment said Grosser told him he’d explain later and requested immediate medical treatment, according to court records.

Police said Grosser later told them a burglar broke into his apartment through a window and stabbed him. But police said evidence at the scene did not support his claim.

Police said they searched Grosser’s phone and found evidence that substantiated the victim’s story.

Grosser was charged with one count each of kidnapping with intent to inflict physical injury, second-degree assault, making a false statement and two counts each of third-degree assault and tampering with evidence.

He is being held in jail on $25,000 bond. At his court appearance, Grosser requested further medical attention.


Information from: Kodiak (Alaska) Daily Mirror, http://www.kodiakdailymirror.com