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On Friday, U.S.

This is a busy season in Ketchikan, largely because of waterfront-related...

Jesse Robert Zaugg, 34, died June 9, 2018, in a vehicle accident on Seward Highway outside of Anchorage. He was born Aug.
Happy to renew

EDITOR, Daily News:

A recent letter criticizing the Ketchikan Daily News for excessive negative news reporting on President Trump, and threatening non-renewal for that reason, came out on the very day we were happy to renew our subscription. The Daily News is an outstanding independent small town daily newspaper. I imagine it must face constant financial pressure to be operating in such a small market area and we appreciate the long time dedication of its owners and staff.

As to the negative nature of so much Trump-related coverage, the obvious reasons are Trump's own inconsistent and foolish words and actions. When these are reported in news stories or pointed out in national media editorials, that is not fake news. That is telling it like it is, the very function of a free press.