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The blame game is a waste of time.

If your ears have been burning lately, it might be because Ketchikan is part...

Thomas Francisco “Cisco” Martinez Jr., 54, died Jan. 5, 2018, in Juneau. He was born Aug. 21, 1963, in Ketchikan.
Great library

EDITOR, Daily News:

Our library is currently a hot news topic. Friday's paper had a super article on its history with some great old photos. Thursday, KRBD ran a feature story on the Children's Library. On Saturday, we celebrate the grand opening of the new library on Copper Ridge Road. Our library has been a model for government serving the citizens for many years. The Outreach Program has a long history of serving residents who, for a variety of reasons, cannot go to the library. This allows them the benefits of communication, entertainment and education. George Pasley is our current outreach specialist and for him, it is a mission. The Children's Library has the best youth programs I've ever seen. They serve babies through teens with music, activities, entertainment, media, technology, and participation (Teen Advisory Group) in addition to books. I never saw a program like that while I was growing up. Charlotte Glover is the Children's Librarian, and I especially appreciate her dedication to our local children, her knowledge of youth development, and how that is reflected in her department's services. Charlotte also brings us "Book Talk" every week, a program started by Judith (Anglin) McQuerry.

The adult library has always been available to help with research, host clubs, proctor tests, be a leader in technology, and bring us everything we've said we need. We are lucky to have, and have had, a staff of great librarians over the years who have gone beyond expectations to bring literacy and other benefits to the residents of Ketchikan through the joy of reading and more. Now, we have a beautiful new facility filled with gorgeous local art. It has a great view, an outdoor deck and a fireplace. Most importantly, it has the same wonderful librarians who have served Ketchikan through budget cuts, lack of space, and myriad challenges. I just wanted to say I?appreciate you for all you've done over the years — the services, community outreach, everything. Enjoy your new home!