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Hungry, uneducated and abducted and wrenched from family, it’s hardly...

Ketchikan has the finest in emergency personnel. You call; they come.

Sylva May (Pratt) Umphrey, 91, died May 14, 2017, at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, Indiana.
Norman Melvin “Nick” Farstad, 86, died June 22, 2017, in Shoreline, Washington. He was born July 30, 1930 in Ketchikan.

EDITOR, Daily News:

I wish to make a brief statement concerning a recent article about me in the Ketchikan Daily News.

I have been accused of not divulging my son's employment as a dispatcher at the Ketchikan Police Department. There have been discussions between the city and borough about dispatching fees.

At no time did I believe there was any conflict or would any advantage or benefit be received for myself or son as he is represented by Public Safety Employees Association whose salary, benefits, hours of working and employment are dictated by union negotiations.

Any pay raise for police employees is based upon the merit system.

I did not and do not believe that any discussion I have participated in will have any effect upon his employment or salary.

The point is that it was not my job to make such determinations.

It's the mayor's. It was my responsibility to divulge that information, which I did not.

I am profoundly sorry for that omission.

I take this complaint seriously as I have subscribed to ethical behavior for more than 32 years, 20 years as the superintendent of the correctional center in Ketchikan.

A formal process will be occurring with the Board of Ethics, and I look forward to its review and determination.

When I was confronted during an Assembly meeting, I reacted in a frustrated manner and for that I apologize. I have lived my life trying to set a good example.

As a public servant, we have a responsibility to listen and acknowledge concerns expressed.

I will do a better job next time.

I regret the negative attention brought when speaking before the Council members of the city; my intentions were honorable.

I am speaking only for myself. When we work together we all benefit.

I deeply regret the confusion, any misunderstanding and divisive result of this issue.