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Labor Day is about work ethics. Or it should be. In the current economy not all Americans can claim a paid job, but most Americans still do something. It's often work, and a choice is made in regard to whether to work well.

Araceli Fernandez Seludo, 87, died Aug. 26, 2014, in Cavite, Philippines.
Dying world
EDITOR, Daily News:

We live in a world permeated with “hot particles.”

The sources of deadly sub-atomic particles live thousands, millions of years. As radiant particles, they end up in food, or drop in rainwater, or in soil you plan to grow vegetables.

Our bodies will think “calcium or potassium,” and, as a “nutrients,” they will become mini nuclear reactors inside us. Product chemical sources also cause DNA (genetic building blocks) destruction.

And just as dangerous as Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island’s meltdowns is our use of electromagnetic waves to fuel our communications. These modulations cause disruption to our DNA and continual stress syndrome of the immune response as long as they pound the electrical system of the cells.

I have been contemplating this for several months, even as I have begun to understand the full impact of our 60-year drive to “improve” creation.

What do we tell young people, who will have their lives cut short, be unable to reproduce, or who will have genetically deformed children, as my grandson who died this year at birth without kidneys. We are so sorry, please forgive us.

How then do we live? I can think of no better way than to bow to the God of creation, ask His forgiveness and His help to live as honorably in the last days as possible, giving hope that this world was ever only temporary and that real home is in heaven.

God provided that even though he is holy and unable to accept evil, He knows that we needed someone showing that His love reaches past this dying world and into eternity.

We live in a death we have created from our chemically polluted world, but God wants us to know that if we believe in His Son Jesus Christ and the death he suffered for us, that a heavenly home is waiting for those who repent and live “with glowing hope” honorably toward Him with His help in life now.

This is my choice. This is how we live in a dying world.