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Little library, big difference? We were encouraged to learn that a resident near Fawn Mountain Elementary School took it upon herself to start a micro-library on her property. The books are free to all, and on the honor system to return them. As Barbara May, who started the micro-library in 2012, explained to the Daily News, “There was no bonding and there's no taxes and there's no roofing contract and there's no library cards or nothing.”

Common sense prevailed when the Supreme Court ruled against a multi-billion-dollar EPA decision recently.

Lucien “Lou” C. Johnson, age 83, passed away June 22, 2015.
Lynn Anne Waters, 67, died on July 2, 2015, in Ketchikan.
Scott A. Brown, 58, died June 18, 2015 of heart failure in Anchorage.
Cynthia J. Demke, 58, died June 25, 2015 in Ketchikan.
Spring into action

Once upon a time, Ketchikan had no recreation center. People who worked for years to fund what is now the Gateway Recreation Center knew that if we built it, they would come.

Boy, have they ever.

The Gateway Recreation Center and its cohabitant, the Gateway Aquatic Center, are hubbubs of community activity from early morning to late in the evening. They are open when many other government-run places aren’t (Did you have Presidents Day off??You could go for your regular workout at the rec center.)

Their offerings are varied and wonderful; the prices are reasonable; the staff is friendly and helpful. From learning to swim to learning Zumba dancing to working out on treadmills, with free weights and on an indoor track, the indoor recreational opportunities in our rain-soaked town are extraordinary. Don’t know how to use the weight-room equipment? Go to a free orientation to learn. (The first one is Monday.) Want a reasonably priced family activity? Go roller skating on Saturdays.

The breadth of activities is laid out in detail in the spring pamphlet included in your Daily News lately, and available at the recreation center.

Now is the time to look at what is offered. Registration for the spring activities opened Friday online (activenet.active.com/KGB) and Monday in person. There are lower rates for seniors and some scholarships are available to those who cannot afford the fees. Contact the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Parks and Recreation Department for details.

The important thing is to get ready for spring by getting active and staying active. Learn something new; shake up your workout scheme. Then you’ll be ready for all those outdoor hikes when the weather gets more commodious.

Don’t pay any mind to Wednesday rain, sun, hail and snow: Spring is just around the corner. Spring into action!