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It’s a sad, frightening situation. In late May, a young man from western Alaska was traveling aboard an Alaska Marine Highway System ferry from Bellingham, Washington, with a ticket to Whittier.

It's an election year. The state House — where all of the seats will be on the ballot — won't touch the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend no matter what; right or wrong, it won't touch it.

Gertrude Ann Anderson, 79, died June 8, 2016, peacefully at her daughter’s home in Metlakatla.
Dolores Jean Houts, 87, died June 23, 2016, in Ketchikan.
Paul Douglas Askren III, 21, died June 16, 2016, in Ketchikan.
M. Pauline Scott, 75, died June 18, 2016, in Tacoma, Washington.
So it begins

It's baseball season!

Of course some of you thought the season had been underway since spring. But, for those who dispense with the 162 games between spring and the World Series, the season just started — specifically, it got underway Wednesday.

The series' opening game is complete by the time you read this.

This year's "season" or series features the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. Somehow it seems appropriate that the Red Sox began the series on the same day as the beginning of Red Ribbon Week, which focuses on a drug-free lifestyle. The Cardinals also will be wearing red during the week.

Baseball has long been known as the national pastime.

Professional baseball dates back to 1871 for Boston, but the franchise that became the Red Sox didn't come along until 1900. This franchise often made its play in the city's streets. Originally, the team went by the handle "Americans," not becoming the Red Sox until 1906.

The Red Sox rosters through the years featured many of baseball's greats — Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, to name a few.

The Cardinals, with an original name of Brown Stockings, had their first official season in 1882. Fans called them the Browns until they adopted Cardinals in 1900.

Famous cardinals are Dizzy Dean, Rogers Hornsby, Ozzie Smith and Bob Gibson.

For those of us who missed seeing those greats play, the time is now to see the next round of Hall of Famers and household baseball names on the field or TV.

It's the baseball season at its best this time of year. Whether you're a fan starting in the spring or one who comes around for the World Series, you're in your element for the next several days.

Enjoy the games!