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Common sense is a prerequisite for serving in Alaska law enforcement.

Velma June Cox, 91, died peacefully on May 6, 2017, in Port Angeles, Washington.
Charles Murphy James Sr., 80, died April 2, 2017, in Big Lake.
Obamacare fix

Hello, Mr. President.

Have we got a deal for you. It's spelled relief. As in health care, relief from the pain, and clearly, you are in discomfort over the dismal rollout of Obamacare. With all of the public ridicule and your falling approval rating, this might give you a break from the onslaught sooner rather than later.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks computer science students are accepting proposals for software design projects. UAF issued the official request on Wednesday. They are looking for a new challenge; with Obamacare, that's what you have.

The students will work on government, private or nonprofit projects free of charge. Wow, at that price, you might even win over a fiscally conservative Republican or two. We say "might." It's only a possibility, not a foregone conclusion.

The students want to help the government; not only would they be tackling your project, but they would be providing a public service. They, as taxpayers, also would be serving themselves because it is the students who will have to live with Obamacare the longest.

The students' work is quality, too. No cheap job — typical prices for commercial custom software development projects such as theirs can cost as much as $40,000, according to UAF.

The projects often take more than 650 hours. If the hours are divided among three students (the number on the project), you could get a solution to the Obamacare software problem in five to six weeks. You could have it by Christmas.

UAF students have an impressive resume, too, with 65 completed projects in the past 20 years. They, their professors and clients work together to make it a productive and educational experience.

The students are looking for a challenge; yours is a humdinger. Give the kids a chance.

Talk to the Department of Computer Science at UAF.