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It’s a sad, frightening situation. In late May, a young man from western Alaska was traveling aboard an Alaska Marine Highway System ferry from Bellingham, Washington, with a ticket to Whittier.

It's an election year. The state House — where all of the seats will be on the ballot — won't touch the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend no matter what; right or wrong, it won't touch it.

Gertrude Ann Anderson, 79, died June 8, 2016, peacefully at her daughter’s home in Metlakatla.
Dolores Jean Houts, 87, died June 23, 2016, in Ketchikan.
Paul Douglas Askren III, 21, died June 16, 2016, in Ketchikan.
M. Pauline Scott, 75, died June 18, 2016, in Tacoma, Washington.

Every once in a while, along comes a day the likes of those Irish songwriter Van Morrison sings of in a cautionary tale from his mama: When it’s not always raining; when there’s no one complaining; when everything falls into place like the flick of a switch ...

Mama tells us that before and after those perfect days, there will be others that seem the exact opposite.

But when there is a spectacularly grand day, it is to be much celebrated, knowing how rarely the planets align so perfectly.

Thus began our local news journey on Monday. Kings beat Juneau-Douglas in double-overtime basketball game at Kayhi! (First time in these seniors’ careers, at their last game against J-D in the Clarke Cochrane.) Ketchikan High School takes regional wrestling title for fifth consecutive year; sends almost whole roster (19 grapplers!) to state, with 13 regional title holders among them! Kayhi girls come back to beat Thunder Mountain!

Heck, even local bus ridership was up — in Ketchikan, nearly a half-million rides in 2012!

They say “no news” is good news.

But some days, in a small Alaska island community on a snowy January day, good news is the news. We can’t always have it that way. Sure, Juneau-Douglas will beat us again some day. The other Southeast Region schools will build their wrestling teams to make future regions a real horse race. And maybe, sometimes, people will drive to work instead of taking The Bus.

But on one fine day, after years of waiting and working and sweating and practicing and mulling and strategizing and, yes, losing — after all those years, on this one fine day, we won, and won, and won.

Yay for us!