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The challenge in isolating terrorists before fatal events like the one earlier this week at a concert in the United Kingdom is that they look like and do what peaceful people do.

Richard Thomas Hall, 56, died May 12, 2017, in Ketchikan.
Velma June Cox, 91, died peacefully on May 6, 2017, in Port Angeles, Washington.
Thank you

Thank you to all of the candidates who competed in Tuesday's election for local seats.

To the winners, congratulations; the job begins immediately. The City Council meets Thursday (new Council members start next week), followed by the Borough Assembly on Monday and School Board in a week. Saxman's council has a meeting scheduled as well.

To those who didn't quite get enough votes to secure a seat, we appreciate your willingness to serve the community and to give voters choices. More importantly we encourage you to try again; some excellent public servants tried more than once before being elected. You might be one of those who eventually achieve that excellence.

For all of those who worked on the bond issues and ballot proposition, thank you for all of your time and effort. We know your contribution represents a sincere interest in bettering our community.

Equally important are those who worked at the polls and organized the election — paid local government staff and their volunteers who help voters in the community's seven precincts. Elections need devoted volunteers to make them happen.

Yet another election is behind us. The makeup of local elected bodies is decided, and they will begin to fulfill their duties. As they do, the public will continue to do its part of offering input and guidance because it is our government. We never abdicate that responsibility. Our elected officials represent us, but our voices are heard. In this community at least, they listen and respond to what the constituency favors.

We are thankful that that is the case here; it isn't everywhere.

Nor is it possible everywhere to elect leadership; we appreciate that we can.

We chose our leadership Tuesday. We're glad we got the chance to choose, and we, once again, thank those who are willing to lead.