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The Ketchikan City Council missed an opportunity for good public relations with the community earlier this month when it decided against operating a shuttle service to the Ted Ferry Civic Center for two popular arts events.

Lead by example
President Obama has a noble cause — helping the poor.

Some might argue that he already does that through any number of government programs offering free goods and services.

But others point out the disparity between the poor and the rich, acknowledging that it isn't good for the country and its people.

The rich should be able to lawfully capitalize on their ability to gain wealth. The wealthy, along with a business friendly government, should provide jobs that will elevate the poor and maintain the middle class.

Obama wants to raise the minimum wage for workers under federal contracts from $7.25 to $10.10. The minimum wage is low. Raising it will effectively increase the income of some. But that means less for someone else — maybe cutbacks in the number of jobs and/or work hours, higher government costs because the government must pay higher wages, and fewer services.

As simple as it seems that when one person gets more then another gets less, it is complex, too.

But what really tells the tale is how those who seek to raise the standard for the poor conduct themselves.

It appears hypocritical to spend millions of federal dollars on Hawaiian and African vacations and other travels and luxuries, while the authentically poor struggle for food and shelter.

If Obama and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle each eliminated one of these sorts of trips at federal expense, the savings would go a long way to helping people who are living hand to mouth, depending on family and neighbors for whatever help they can receive to get by, hoping to get to a point where they might get at least a little ahead.

The people at the top should set the example of frugality when Americans are poor through no fault of their own. Especially when those same Americans want to work and earn their own way.

To spend excessively contradicts a message of concern for those who can't.