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Leave it to Alaska’s 29th Legislature to screw up what should have been a slam dunk. (Perhaps it is 29 and a half? What exactly is the proper nomenclature when the 29th’s first session has gone to an extra session, then that extra session has been adjourned and a new extra session called so that the Legislature can legally pack up its bags and move to Anchorage before settling on a working budget?)

Nothing should occur to separate mother and baby. The baby's life depends upon it.

Raymond Charles Hewson, 76, died May 13, 2015, in Anchorage.
Get on the list

It’s not only individual Alaskans who need to think about the 2013 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, though most of us are aware that we have until March 31 to file for the annual oil-royalty check.

Charitable organizations, educational institutions and community foundations have the same deadline if they would like to be included as an option for giving through the Perm Fund.

Through that program, those who apply for the dividend can choose an organization or organizations to which they want to donate money (in increments beginning at $25); they can check off the group, and the money comes out of the dividend. Easy for the giver, easy for the recipient. Gifts can be anonymous or the donor’s name can be sent to the organization for a thank-you.

The state has close to 500 nonprofits that are eligible to be listed as possibilities for Permanent Fund giving. Instructions on how organizations can apply are under the “info for nonprofits” section of the website for the giving program, www.PickClickGive.org.

Meanwhile, dividend recipients — even if they already have filed — can add to or change their charitable contributions, even if they didn’t do so when they filed at a minute past midnight on the first day of the new year.

At PickClickGive.org, Alaskans can browse the different categories of nonprofits or search for a specific organization to make sure it is on the list. Or, one can type “Ketchikan” into the page’s search function, for example, and see a list of organizations specifically connected to the First City.

Spring is in the air; it’s time to get the paperwork done for our Permanent Fund dividends and, if we are part of a nonprofit, time to make sure we are listed if we’re eligible.