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A series of exciting championship games wrapped up the Ketchikan Little League baseball and softball regular seasons this week.

Little library, big difference? We were encouraged to learn that a resident near Fawn Mountain Elementary School took it upon herself to start a micro-library on her property. The books are free to all, and on the honor system to return them. As Barbara May, who started the micro-library in 2012, explained to the Daily News, “There was no bonding and there's no taxes and there's no roofing contract and there's no library cards or nothing.”

Scott A. Brown, 58, died June 18, 2015 of heart failure in Anchorage.
Cynthia J. Demke, 58, died June 25, 2015 in Ketchikan.
Theresa Marie (Kohl) Houtary, 82, died June 28, 2015, at home in Ketchikan.
Get fit

Ketchikan gets a new start at least twice — maybe three times — a year.

The first comes on Jan. 1 with the beginning of a new year and untold resolutions to improve upon one's past behavior and habits. Many resolve to eat right and exercise — in other words, to get into better physical shape.

Some take to those resolutions like ink on paper and others barely begin before slipping back into old ways.

A few pick up in the spring and summer where they left off in January, committing to get outside and walk in the earlier mornings and later evenings; longer days make a difference, providing added light for outdoor undertakings. Again, success is a mixed bag.

But, then another fresh start comes in the fall, when the schedules of many in the community change with the start of the school year. For some, there's January, but for many, the year begins in September.

Whether one has children or not, the new school year's ripple affects all. It's another marker of the year.

As in January and the spring, fitness tends to be a focus in the fall. The schools begin their athletics. Ketchikan Gateway Borough Parks and Recreation starts offering a wide variety of fall events and opportunities, too.

The Rec Center provides pickleball, soccer, wallyball, zumba, running, rollerskating, dodge ball, martial arts, boxing, yoga, pilates, dancing, step and swimming. That's in addition to basketball, racquet sports, weightlifting and similar activities available year-round at the center. The list is long, but it isn't all inclusive.

Parks and Rec's fall schedule gives the community a third point in the year to think physical fitness. If January didn't work out; if the spring didn't work well, then the fall might be when to resolve to sign up and get physically fit.

The Rec Center can be found online under departments on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough website: www.kgbak.us. Look for an opportunity to exercise.