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Common sense is a prerequisite for serving in Alaska law enforcement.

Velma June Cox, 91, died peacefully on May 6, 2017, in Port Angeles, Washington.
Charles Murphy James Sr., 80, died April 2, 2017, in Big Lake.
Fatal failing

No one messes with veterans and survives politically.

Given that, watch all of the federal politicians step all over each other in response to the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal.

President Obama is the most high profile. He is outraged and promised Wednesday that VA jobs might be on the line.

Obama has been mad repeatedly — now the VA, previously the IRS, the Secret Service and the Obamacare rollout. Then, add to that Bengahzi, where four Americans lost their lives.

Lives apparently have been lost, too, in the VA scandal.

The VA hospital in Phoenix is being accused of altering records to cover up delays in providing care to veterans. As a result, about 40 veterans are believed to have died before that care was given.

An investigation, which should be quickly forthcoming, will determine how extensive the cover-up might be at that hospital and whether it extends to other hospitals.

If the allegations are proven, this would be outrageous. It also likely will shed light on the extent of the demand for services.

With demand for care, hospitals must be able to supply it. Reported delays indicate that might not be the case. Whether the shrinking ranks of physicians following Obamacare is a factor hasn't been ascertained, either. But whatever the factors, it's likely caregivers wanted to provide care.

Ultimately, the president and his appointed secretary for the Veterans Department are responsible.

They need to do whatever it takes to correct whatever problem exists in providing care and do it quickly. Their response will set the direction for the VA and its future.

This is a political loss for Obama, but it's also a fatal failing. Veterans shouldn't be dying at home for lack of care.