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There are many ways one could feel about the warning Standard and Poor’s issued to the Alaska Legislature last week, stating that the state’s credit rating might drop if Alaska politicians can’t reach a deal on budget reforms.

May is an extraordinary month in Ketchikan. We transform overnight from a quiet town in April to become host to thousands of visitors each day by mid-May. Local waters see commercial troll fishermen take advantage of spring fishery opportunities while the commercial net fleets begin preparing for their season. Sport anglers are readying their gear for the May 28 start of the Ketchikan CHARR Educational Fund King Salmon Derby.

More carnival

Ketchikan needs a carnival more frequently.

Golden Wheel Amusements set up for four days of entertainment in The Plaza mall parking lot over the Memorial Day weekend. It would have been difficult to miss it, located on the community's main thoroughfare.

Just seeing the carnival excited the kid in most of us. It included 12 rides, five games and two food stations.

Kids of all ages enjoyed it immensely. Older "kids" who were here when the carnival last came to town in 1984 — 30 years ago — reminisced about its last visit and eagerly took their own kids and grandkids to the carnival. The kids — those who really can be described that way because of their youthful age — were all smiles and stories about the fun they had riding and eating, just taking in all of the fun with their older siblings, parents and friends.

Even those who tended to be very busy over the weekend found time to take in the carnival; it just wasn't something to be missed.

The weather, while wet on the first day, turned out lovely for the following days, making the carnival's visit to Ketchikan a good memory for the carnival folks, too.

In the end, most agreed it had been a wonderful way to mark the beginning of the summer break from school and the carnival's journey to points north in Alaska.

With that, let's not wait another 30 years to welcome the Golden Wheel Amusements back. Carnivals should be an annual event.