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Coast Guard cities

Our congratulations goes to the communities of Cordova and Westport, Washington, both of which are designated now as “Coast Guard Cities.”

It’s a designation of which the City of Ketchikan has been proud since 2015.

Ketchikan has been home to Coast Guard and U.S. Lighthouse Service personnel since at least 1920, when the base was established in support of the Lighthouse Service. The partnership has brought many benefits to this community and the agency over the years, and we look forward to continuing good relations for many years to come.

 Cordova and Westport also have long experience with the Coast Guard. It’s been present in Cordova since 1937. In Westport, the presence began all the way back in 1897 with the U.S. Lifesaving Service and the U.S. Lighthouse Service’s predecessor, the U.S. Lighthouse Establishment.

“A ‘Coast Guard City’ designation highlights an enduring relationship a community has with its local Coast Guard facility and personnel,” according to the Coast Guard’s announcement regarding Cordova and Westport. “The Coast Guard values these connections and is proud to highlight the efforts these communities make to support the service members and their families.”

The designations for these two communities brings the total number of ‘Coast Guard Cities’ nationwide to 28. Other Alaska communities in the program include Kodiak and Sitka, both of which are home to sizable Coast Guard facilities.

Here in Ketchikan, we encourage community leaders and residents to continue to welcome Coast Guard and its members to our community. We appreciate their presence here, in addition to the important work that they accomplish on behalf of this community, state and nation.