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This is a day of hope as the second regular session of the 30th Alaska State...

A man with a day dedicated to his memory is someone to be reckoned with.


On Jan. 3, 1959, the territory of Alaska became the 49th state in the Union,

The statehood proclamation signed that day by President Dwight D. Eisenhower satisfied the majority will of Alaska residents who voted to support statehood in 1946; Alaska residents who voted to approve the Alaska Constitution in 1956; Congress, which approved Alaska statehood on July 7, 1958; and Alaska residents who again voted in support of statehood during a special election in August 1958.

On this 59th anniversary of statehood, it continues to be clear that statehood was and remains the best path for Alaska.

While Alaska has over time chafed at federal control of substantial amounts of land and resources within the state, the relationship has been a net positive for most Alaska residents.

Among the benefits: Statehood continues to bring federal resources into the state, and give Alaskans a direct voice in the federal governance of the state and country as a whole.

We join with the many Alaskans who recognize the value of being a full participant in these United States of America.

We appreciate those who labored long and hard to give Alaska that status.