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A big blessing

Among the blessings to be thankful for this holiday season are the small businesses that provide goods and services here in Ketchikan.

No doubt you have your own favorites and your own reasons for appreciating them.

We’ve found over time that most of Ketchikan’s small local businesses are operated by people who care about the products they offer.

They’re interested in taking care of their customers, too.  If they don’t have what you need in stock, they’ll make every effort to get it for you or point you to where you can find it. They’ll take the time to answer a question or two.

They appreciate your business. Most will do their best to have you return as a repeat customer.

The positive attributes of these small businesses expand beyond the provision of goods and services.

Local businesses are part of the Ketchikan community, operated by community members and employing local residents. They can be involved with community events and in sponsoring local youth sports.

 It’s difficult to imagine Ketchikan without the local small businesses, nor would we want to experience the town without them. They’re important for many reasons, and it’s important for Ketchikan residents to support these businesses as is possible.

The holiday season now swirling into Ketchikan is full of shopping enticements both here and beyond. We encourage local shoppers to keep Ketchikan’s small businesses in mind this season. There’s even a day — Shop Small Saturday — coming up this weekend that focuses on these businesses.

You might take some time to visit a business or two beyond those that you regularly patronize. Who knows? You might discover one of your new favorite small businesses in Ketchikan.