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Once again the system broke down, leading to a massive shooting.

Setting the state’s ferry system on a course like that of the...

Larry William Droogs, 84, died peacefully on Feb. 13, 2018, at the Petersburg Medical Center Long Term Care Facility. He was born Aug.
Sharon “Sheri” Jean Remington Bonine, 61, died of heart problems on Jan. 20, 2018, in Springfield, Oregon. She was born Dec.
Gilmore Dale White, 75, died Feb. 9. 2018, in Metlakatla. He was born Jan. 8, 1943, in Metlakatla.
Time to help

The hurricanes, the earthquakes, the wild fires. What’s next?

You might ask that because it’s been a year of one natural disaster after another in the United States.

So far the wild fires killed at least 21 people. They chased 20,000 Californians from their homes and destroyed 3,500 homes, businesses and other structures.

Firefighters continued to battle more than 20 wild fires late Wednesday, the sources of which remained unknown.

Ketchikan is far from the wild fires, but the distance is spanned by our thoughts of and prayers for the Californians.

Some of these Californians are our relations. Some our friends. Some of these people visited Ketchikan this summer.

When the fires started they were going about their business of caring for their families, working, dealing with life’s challenges and taking it one day at a time.

None of those responsibilities disappeared because a natural disaster came along. Not at all. It only gave them one more situation to deal with.

In times like this, that’s when Americans pull together. We don’t ask about each other’s politics, religious beliefs, bank accounts or anything else that really doesn’t matter that much in a life-and-death scenario.

We just ask how we can help. Now is the time to help in California.